Taylor | Anderson represented a company which provides school-bus services to school districts.

The school district owned a bus depot facility that Taylor | Anderson’s client used. The plaintiff was at the bus depot facility for a commercial driver’s license training course offered by our client when she tripped over an exposed wire or string and fell and, allegedly, sustained injuries.

In a motion for summary judgment, Taylor | Anderson lawyers argued that the client did not own, lease, control, or have the right to control the premises on which the plaintiff was allegedly injured, nor did the client create the allegedly dangerous condition. Moreover, the school district owned and controlled the premises where the plaintiff fell. The school district had hired a contractor to pour cement in the area where the accident happened, and either the district or the contractor who hung the wire or string around the area where the cement was to be poured were the only parties potentially liable.

The arguments prevailed, resulting in final summary judgment for Taylor | Anderson’s client in Wichita County, Texas.