When your company is involved in a catastrophic loss, the sooner you can gather and preserve the evidence, the better the chance you have to minimize and control the potential damage and place your company in the best position to successfully resolve the inevitable claims.

TAYLOR | ANDERSON has developed a team of attorneys and outside consultants who are ready to immediately assist with gathering the facts and data necessary to place the client in the best position possible. Whether it is an auto/trucking, construction, fire/explosion, or other catastrophic accident, our attorneys are experienced in coordinating the investigation and working with local, state, and federal agencies which may be involved in such investigation. Such coordination and cooperation can help ensure that the investigation by these agencies is fair, balanced, and thorough.

If your company has been involved in an accident that requires an immediate response, we suggest you contact one of the attorneys listed below:

California - Jorge A. Martinez: 949-278-2725 (cell)
Colorado - Brent Anderson: 720-320-9567 (cell)
Texas - Oliver B. Krejs: 214-770-0067 - (cell)