A nonprofit organization that provides inspection and certification services to the millwork industry has the primary purpose of ensuring excellence and craftsmanship in woodwork.

The organization was sued by one of its members, a millwork subcontractor, following the organization’s evaluation of the subcontractor’s level of craftsmanship.  The subcontractor alleged defamation, trade libel, interference with contract and prospective business advantage, breach of contract, and unfair business practices (Business & Professions Code §17200).  The subcontractor sought damages exceeding $1 million.

In order to better understand the context in which the claims arose, Taylor | Anderson lawyers quickly developed an understanding of the woodworking industry, the organization’s role in the industry, and, specifically, the organization's quality control programs.

Our lawyers established a positive rapport with the millwork subcontractor’s counsel and spent several months crafting a detailed settlement and release Agreement containing mutual obligations for the parties.  Ultimately, the case settled without payment of any damages.