Since 2018, Taylor|Anderson, LLP attorneys have won seven summary judgment motions in a multi-district sexual abuse case. The latest court development brings the total summary judgment wins to 10. On September 27, 2019, Taylor Anderson LLP attorneys Paul Buckley and Zachary Rutman won two summary judgment motions, securing dismissals for several volunteer board members and the executive director of a Washington state-based boys home. The former boys home leaders served the home until early 1991 and they were no longer employed by the home when Plaintiffs were allegedly abused. Since the board members dissociated from the boys home before the alleged abuse occurred, Defendants argued Plaintiffs could not prove they were owed a duty of care -- nor could they prove that Defendants’ actions proximately caused their injuries. Further, Defendants argued they did not -- and could not -- have known the alleged abuser was a sexual-abuse risk, and therefore, it was unforeseeable that the alleged abuser would commit such abuse. The Court rejected Plaintiffs’ special relationship argument and focused on the high degree of risk standard. It further found that while Defendants arguably hired the alleged abuser, Plaintiffs could not show that the abuser was a known sexual abuse risk. The alleged abuser’s minor infractions were unconfirmed and not indicators of sexual abuse risk. Thus, Defendants did not owe plaintiffs a duty of care because the abuser did not create a high degree of risk of harm. The Court granted Defendants’ summary judgment motions. All board members and the executive director were dismissed, with prejudice.