On December 19, 2018, Taylor | Anderson won a complete defense verdict following a nine-week jury trial in Orange County, California.  Attorneys Paul A. Buckley and Christopher R. Mordy represented Cushman & Wakefield in a mold-related claim.  The litigation had been pending for years, and Taylor Anderson was engaged specifically to assist in the trial of this complicated matter.

Plaintiff claimed that she suffered numerous ailments as a result of exposure to mold in the basement of a bank branch that Cushman & Wakefield was managing.  Among Plaintiff’s complaints were rashes, respiratory issues, and a fungal ball that had to be extracted from her sinuses.  Plaintiff contended that the process of removing the fungal ball resulted in partial facial paralysis.  Plaintiff was seeking approximately $3 million in damages.

Taylor Anderson mounted a vigorous defense on all issues in the case, including liability, causation, and damages.  Evidence was presented to establish that Cushman & Wakefield met its standard of care by notifying the bank of mold issues in the basement.  Additionally, evidence was presented to dispute the causal link between the alleged exposure and the claimed damages.  After a short period of deliberations, the jury determined that Cushman & Wakefield was not liable.  The client was “thrilled” with the result and appreciated the effort and attention to detail that Taylor | Anderson’s attorneys and staff brought to the case.