Taylor|Anderson announced today that Cyrus Wilkes has joined the Irvine office as an Associate.

Cyrus Wilkes defends manufactures in catastrophic injury and complex commercial cases in state and federal courts throughout the country.   An experienced and passionate litigator, he has defended foreign conglomerates to mom-and-pop interests from everything from massive class-actions to simple car accidents, bringing the same level of service and dedication to all. 

Cyrus is a former Marine non-commissioned officer with a passion for litigation and brings a warrior ethos to his matters.  Cyrus’s practice is focused on product liability and commercial litigation.  He has represented manufactures from a wide-range of industries to include sporting goods, commercial vehicles, personal vehicles, consumer goods, and electronics.  Cyrus relishes the opportunity to dive-deep into his cases and learn all he can about the products he defends.  He has a strong passion for class-actions, and has defended clients against both defect and misrepresentation claims as well as toxic exposure.